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Winter Pool Maintenance

Winter Pool Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip

Winter is the time of year when many pool owners are tempted to forgo their pool maintenance routines. They may think that it’s too cold, or they don’t want to spend the money on chemicals and other supplies. However, this type of thinking can lead to costly repairs in the spring.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of winter pool maintenance tasks you should never skip! Because a little effort now can save you a lot of trouble -and money – later.

Winter Pool Maintenance

Although you aren’t using your pool in the winter,  that doesn’t mean it can go unattended. There are several winter pool maintenance tasks you should never skip, including the following:

Drain Skimmers

Unless you keep your pool covered in the winter, debris may have fallen in. Thus, you should drain your skimmers and run water through them to make sure all debris is removed. You can do this task every other week, but don’t let it go much longer than that, or you could end up with a backup, or debris sitting in your pool and contaminating the water. Now is also a good time to replace any cracked or broken skimmers and baskets

Remove Large Debris

Again, if your pool is not covered, you should do a visual check each week to make sure nothing has gotten into your pool. Remove leaves and other debris from in-ground or above-ground pools with a leaf net or rake. If you’ve recently had a lot of wind or a storm, check the pool to make sure no trash blew in.

Cover Your Pool

As you may have noticed from the last two tasks, this one can be a big time saver! Use a pool cover to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the water during the winter. It’s worth investing in a good quality, sturdy pool cover. Make sure you secure it appropriately. If you have a mesh safety cover, you may need to remove it to add a sturdier, solid winter pool cover. 

Run the Pump

Yes, you still need to run your pump! While you don’t want to leave your pump running continuously or as often as you do in the summer, some filtration is necessary. If you have an automatic timer on your pump system, make sure that it’s set correctly before turning off your equipment. When there is no circulation in the pool, the water can become cloudy and green. You can avoid that by “setting it and forgetting it” – at least for a few months.

Additional Winter Pool Maintenance Tasks

There are also several additional winter pool maintenance tasks you should never skip. These ones apply to accessories and equipment.

Water Features

Keep in mind that your pool waterfalls and fountains should run often during the winter months too! Circulation is good for your pool, no matter the time of year.

If the power goes out in your area for more than three days, drain all of the water from these features (not the whole pool) so they don’t freeze and crack.

Pool Equipment

Be sure to check your equipment for any potential problems too, such as a cracked liner or anything else that could cause damage in the spring when you open the pool up again.

Clear the Deck

Make sure to keep your pool deck clean! This is especially important in the winter when there is snow and ice on the ground. A dirty pool deck will lead to tracked-in dirt and grime, which can be tough to remove. In addition, a slippery pool deck can be dangerous.

Shortcuts to Winter Pool Maintenance Tasks

Unfortunately, there are no hacks to shortcutting winter pool maintenance tasks. However, there are a couple of things you can do to lighten your load.

Winterize Your Pool

Having your pool professionally winterized can cut down on a lot of your winter pool maintenance. A professional will come out and make sure everything is in working order before “closing” your pool and equipment for the season. By properly winterizing your pool, you can avoid costly repairs in the spring. You can learn more about how to properly winterize your swimming pool on our blog.

Hire a Professional

The choice beloved by pool owners around the world! Hiring a professional to care for your pool year-round can take a huge weight off your shoulders. And it can even save you money! That’s because the pros can keep your pool in good shape and attend to issues as soon as they arise. Instead of battling with your pool, trying to squeeze hard work into your already packed schedule, and dealing with costly mistakes, leave it to a team you can trust.

Bottom Line on Winter Pool Maintenance Tasks

Winter is a great time to take care of your pool. There are some basic things that you should never skip when it comes to winter pool maintenance because they can be costly or dangerous if ignored. So take some time to add these into your routine, or give us a call at The Pool Butler to take care of all your winter pool maintenance needs.

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