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Update and upgrade every aspect of your swimming pool and backyard oasis.

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Add-ons to your pool: Tanning ledges, Benches, Walls (travertine, stacked stone, brick) with Water Features built into them, Tables and Stools

Swimming Pool Renovations

Adding to our service profile to meet all of your poolside needs, The Pool Butler is now expanding our Renovations Department.  Whether you’re looking for an aesthetically appealing facelift on the pool by resurfacing, or you’re tired of staring at that outdate tile and coping, we’ve got countless options for you.  It is common for you to lose water, and money as your surface, and tile line deteriorates.  As water leaks from the pool you’re not just losing water, but can also be eroding the soil beneath your deck leading to settling, and cracking of the deck.  Maybe you’ve wanted to modernize your pool with a tanning ledge/sun shelf, or in pool seating to get a little more leisure time.  The Pool Butler is proud to offer a wide range of swimming pool renovation services to meet your needs.  Continue reading below for an overview of our most popular renovation projects, and call us today at (770) 439-2644 to get started on your renovation.

Pool Surface Materials

Is your plaster looking like it’s seen better days?  It could be costing you on your water bill, or you just want to update to a more modern look… The Pool Butler can provide your pool with the facelift you've always wanted. We offer several different types of pool surfaces to meet any budget. Basic White Marcite for a classic smooth white plaster, with crisp blue water colors. A more durable quartz finish that features ground blue or emerald quartz to give your pool a more vibrant hue.  If looking to upgrade to the most durable, modern, and inviting finishes: Pebble and Glass surfaces.

White Plaster (White Marcite)

  • Traditional white plaster is merely white Portland cement mixed with a marble dust to produce a durable pool surface
  • Most budget friendly option
  • Smooth 
  • Least durable surface option
  • Least susceptible to varying water chemistries
  • Typically carries between a 1 & 3 year warranty

Quartz Aggregate Finishes

  • Upgrade from traditional white plaster 
  • Wide variety in quartz aggregate color choices gives you plenty of options to choose from to find the look and water color that’s perfect for you.
  • Much more resilient to varying water chemistries than traditional white plaster (maintaining recommended chemical ranges is still recommended to get the most out of your new pool surface)
  • Smooth but provides good traction on feet
  • Due to the less porous aggregate used in the plaster mix it is less resistant to staining than white plaster
  • Carries a 7 year warranty

Pebble Aggregate Finishes

  • More elegant, natural, and modern look for your pool
  • Most durable plaster based finish
  • Non-slip, tactile finish
  • Least susceptible to varying water chemistries (maintaining recommended chemical ranges is still recommended to get the most out of your new pool surface)
  • Least susceptible to staining due to the aggregate and texture leaving less surface contact from organic debris that falls into the pool
  • Carries a 10 year warranty
Lovely outdoor deck patio space with white dining pergola.
Hardscapes: Retaining Walls, Fire Pits, Fireplaces

Is your backyard the centerpiece of every cookout, football party, or family get together?  Did you know you can add more in water features to enhance your comfort and add to your leisure time?  Many changes can be made at the time of a renovation.  From tanning ledges/shelves to underwater stools and seating with tables to keep your drinks on.  Your pool doesn’t have to just be for floating and swimming if it was built years ago, or with someone else’s design and needs in mind.

Tile is a key component that is often overlooked.  Years of wear and tear can lead to issues such as:  Cracked grout, missing tiles, and other damage behind the tile can be an eyesore. However, this can also lead to costly water loss (which can also lead to other areas of erosion around your pool including underneath your decking leading to costly foundational issues and damage to your surrounding decking).  Even if your tile is in good shape it can be an economical and impactful way to upgrade the look of your pool.  Whether you prefer a more traditional solid 6x6 style tile, a mosaic pattern tile, or a more modern contemporary glass tile we have endless options to bring your pool back to life! 

Other Pool Features

Coping Is another area often overlooked when people are looking to give their pool a makeover but are not ready to resurface.  Damaged coping can cause extra wear and tear on your tile, or even be a safety hazard for those walking across it to jump into the pool.  Coping is another way to make a big difference in the aesthetics of your pool on a smaller budget.  We offer a range of options from Precast concrete, natural stone and even travertine to give your pool an eloquent border to really set your backyard landscape apart from others! 

Is your pool in great shape, but your deck may be lacking some appeal?  Whether you have unsightly cracks, or want some relief for your feet in the scorching summer heat we have options that can help.  We offer textured cool decking finishes that can help cover repaired cracks, and keep the deck from burning your toes!  Or we can transform your deck with concrete or travertine pavers making your backyard the envy of all your neighbors.

Your backyard doesn’t have to just be for the summer, maybe you’ve thought about adding an outdoor kitchen, bar, fireplace, or firepit to take your entertaining through summer and into football season.  The Pool Butler can help you design the best fit for you to keep your good times and family gatherings going all year long.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl lined pools need, and deserve renovations too!  Whether you just want to replace that faded, leaking, brittle old liner, or make a big impact and transform the interior of your pool adding steps, benches, or tanning ledges we can provide a solution for you.  Our renovation technicians have a combined 38 years of experience and can get your vinyl pool back to looking and feeling like new all over again.

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