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Swimming Pool Maintenance Is More Work Than You May Think

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about what it takes to maintain your pool. There’s a lot to know and a lot to do. We’ve presented tips and tricks and some helpful shortcuts. Still, you may find that swimming pool maintenance is more work than you thought it would be.

At first glance, your pool may look like an easy-to-maintain aspect of your home. But there is a wide range of tasks that are required to keep your pool looking and working its best. A well-trained homeowner could indeed do most of these tasks. However, even an experienced homeowner won’t do the job as well as trained professionals like The Pool Butler. Professional pool companies have the commercial-grade equipment and training necessary to get the job done right. Think of it like maintenance on your car. Could you do a little work on your vehicle yourself? Probably. But that’s no replacement for regular maintenance and inspection by a trained mechanic.

As the Atlanta swimming pool service experts, we want to explore the many tasks that go into maintaining your pools. Then you can make an informed decision about whether you want to maintain your pool yourself.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Is More Work Than You May Think [infographic]

Proper Pool Maintenance Is Difficult Pool Maintenance

As with many things in life, proper swimming pool maintenance is anything but quick and easy. As a matter of fact, the job requires a great deal of knowledge just to start. You’ll need to learn a thing or two about pool chemicals, pH levels, proper maintenance equipment, and more.

A swimming pool professional will provide many different services as part of your maintenance plan. Services include some simple but laborious tasks like skimming your pool, emptying debris from skimmers, and brushing the sides of your pool or spa for algae. Your pool professional will also vacuum the water itself (using an industrial-grade vacuum), and much more to keep your pool clean.

In addition to the heavy labor, there’s a fair amount of science involved in keeping your pool clean and clear. Most pool owners know that they have to balance the pH in their pools. Some homeowners may be better at that task than others. But to really keep a pool at its best takes more than just regulating pH. There are a variety of chemicals dissolved in your pool water, and each one needs to be present in the right amount for optimal results.

As you can see, when it comes to pool maintenance, the task list is long, and it requires extensive knowledge to get the job done correctly. This is why if you attempt maintenance on your own, you may run into problems. For example, accidentally skipping a step with your chemicals could have a serious effect on the safety of your swimming pool.

Avoid Chemical Hazards By Hiring A Professional

DIY pool maintenance is a huge strain on your time, and you will soon find that swimming pool maintenance is more work that you bargained for. It’s also nearly impossible to get right if you aren’t an expert. DIY pool owners get close, and that’s good enough for them. But once you have professionals working on your pool, you’ll see the difference. However, there is also another reason why you shouldn’t attempt to maintain your pool yourself: your safety.

Storing pool chemicals in your home is dangerous. For example, fumes from improperly stored pool chemicals can have long-lasting effects on your health. They can also put your children and pets at risk, should they accidentally ingest them. We always recommend keeping pool chemicals in a locked shed away from your home. But just keeping those substances on your property is an accident waiting to happen.

Why Waste Your Time On DIY Pool Maintenance?

At the end of the day, do-it-yourself pool maintenance is a considerable commitment and one that requires a massive amount of time.

Most homeowners have plenty to do with their time. You likely have a full-time job just keeping up with family life, career, and other household tasks to tend to. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to dedicate to maintaining your pool. An Atlanta pool service company like The Pool Butler, can take the job completely off of your plate. We provide maintenance, cleaning, and repairs the correct way to ensure that your pool works properly for years to come.

At The Pool Butler, we’ve been serving Atlanta and surrounding communities for years with top-notch swimming pool and spa services. We would love to provide you with a convenient swimming pool maintenance plan that fits within your schedule and budget.

Contact The Pool Butler today to get your quote for any of our full range of pool services in Atlanta, or visit our testimonials page to hear from some of our satisfied customers.

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