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Spa Diagnostic Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub In The Perfect Shape

The Pool Butler is known for keeping your swimming pool looking its best all year long. And we’re also known for providing quality hot tub and spa diagnostic services and maintenance as well.

Maintaining your spa is quite different from maintaining your swimming pool. It requires extra diligence and a trained professional to get the job done right. However, there are a few maintenance tasks spa owners can do to keep their spas running great between regular maintenance visits.

Spa Diagnostic Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub In The Perfect Shape [infographic]

Keeping Your Spa Filter Clean

Just like your swimming pool, when it comes to keeping your spa running correctly, keeping the spa’s filter clean is a must.

This means you should be rinsing off the filter regularly. If there appears to be dirt, leaves, or any other debris that could cause an obstruction, you need to remove that. Neglecting this important step can lead to costly repairs in the near future.

If you’re pressed for time and can’t set aside a few times a week to clean your spa’s filter, you can always contact the spa maintenance experts at The Pool Butler.

Prioritizing Spa Water Care

In addition to keeping your spa’s filter clean and free of debris, there are a few other tasks you should prioritize to keep your spa’s water clean and clear.

One of the most critical tasks for any hot tub or spa owner is checking the spa’s water levels consistently. Spas are kept much hotter than most pools and can lose water more quickly. If the water gets too low, it leaves the walls of the spa open to damage. It can also change the chemical balance of your water. If you’re not ready to keep a close eye on your spa’s water level yourself, you’ll need to get outside help. Just letting it go can lead to damage and expensive repairs. The Pool Butler experts can keep a close eye on your water level and check your PH levels to determine when your spa needs new chemicals. The Pool Butler spa service will keep your water clean at all times.

We have some additional tips for keeping your spa in tip-top shape, too. One key tip is to keep your spa’s cover free of debris. Use a gentle cleanser to wash dirt and debris off the spa cover every couple of weeks. You can also purchase creams and conditioners made specifically for keeping your spa cover in good shape. Emptying and refilling your spa every three months (depending on the usage) is also a good rule to follow. Unlike a swimming pool, there is no danger in completely emptying your spa or hot tub. Refreshing the water will keep your spa in its best condition.

Spa Diagnostics And Maintenance In Atlanta

If you’re struggling to keep up with the consistent maintenance required to keep your spa in the best shape possible, don’t hesitate to contact the spa diagnostic experts at The Pool Butler.

At The Pool Butler, we’ve been servicing pools and spas for years. Our experts are highly trained. They have the skills and experience to inspect and fix your spa when there’s an issue. But they can also help prevent these problems from ever occurring with proper professional spa maintenance.

In addition to spa repairs, The Pool Butler also offers spa diagnostic services and leak detection, which can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs if the leak was allowed to get worse.

For all of your swimming pool and spa maintenance, cleaning, and repair needs, contact The Pool Butler today!

We hope you’re finding our swimming pool services blog informative and enjoyable. To see all of the swimming pool services we offer, please visit our Services page. Feel free to check out our testimonials page to hear from some of our past satisfied customers.

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