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Should You Winterize Your Swimming Pool In Atlanta?

As the Atlanta swimming pool maintenance and cleaning experts, we, here at The Pool Butler get asked a lot of questions from pool owners around the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

With that said, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive around this time of year (just before the winter months begin) is: “Should I winterize my pool?” or “What should I do with my swimming pool in the winter?”

While, in other parts of the country — for example, in Chicago, where they see freezing temperatures during the winter each year — this question would be a resounding “yes!”, it’s a more complex question to ask here in the South East. The climate in Atlanta tends to be mild, and sometimes even warm, even during the winter, and thus your swimming pool could (technically) still be utilized during this time by you and your family.

However, because of the mild temperatures we get in the winter, most pool owners in Atlanta foolishly neglect proper swimming pool winterization. This can lead to issues down the line and even cause irreversible damage to your swimming pool or your pool equipment.

The key to maintaining a proper swimming pool is not only handling all repairs and maintenance needs on a consistent basis but also being able to close your swimming pool properly. Keep in mind, closing your swimming pool is a job best left to the professionals, as an expert has the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to safely and properly winterize your pool.

With that said, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming winter season that will effectively allow you to avoid any problems after the season is over.

Why You Need To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

You may have never thought about winterizing your swimming pool in the past, but doing so does offer a few advantages.

The main advantage of winterizing your pool is the fact that you don’t need to worry about your swimming pool becoming damaged during the winter season. This is especially true if you have the Atlanta swimming pool experts at The Pool Butler on your side to assist you with closing your pool.

One underrated benefit to winterizing or closing your swimming pool is seeing significant savings on your electricity bill. This is because when your pool is closed your pool’s pump is not running as your water level will be decreased 8 inches to 12 inches below your water intakes. All your lines are cleared using an air compressor, and pumps are drained during the process of winterization.

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Covered

If your swimming pool is properly covered — which it should be — after winterization you will decrease the odds of dealing with stains on your swimming pool’s floor. As a matter of fact, if you hire The Pool Butler to carry out your pool’s closing for you, we’ll provide you with immediate repairs if your pool’s cover is damaged.

Having a swimming pool professional on your side also means you’ll keep receiving pool chemical treatments in addition to standard maintenance services such as vacuuming and thorough cleaning throughout the winter months, which will ensure your pool looks fantastic once the season ends.

What If You Decide To Not Close Your Pool This Winter?

While it’s always recommended to properly close your pool, even in Atlanta, in some instances, pool owners may feel inclined to keep their pool open during the winter season.

If this is the case, you should seriously consider installing freeze sensors on your pool’s pumps, which will ensure the pump turns on and begins to circulate water if/when the temperatures begin to drop below freezing. This is incredibly helpful as water that is circulating can not freeze.

Keep in mind, if you don’t opt to close your swimming pool for the winter then you’ll have to handle all of the swimming pool maintenance and cleaning tasks throughout the winter season to ensure your pool functions and looks great once spring rolls around.

The Smart Choice For Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Instead of neglecting winterization or attempting to handle the task yourself, the smart choice would be to hire a swimming pool maintenance professional in Atlanta like The Pool Butler.

Our company has years of experience handling pool openings and closings for residents throughout Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area, and we handle every closing with a thorough and careful dedication to ensure your pool is in pristine condition after the winter season.

At The Pool Butler, we understand how time consuming the process of closing your pool is, which is why we make it our mission to take the process off of your plate entirely. With our trained and experienced professionals on your side, you can rest assured that your pool will have all of the necessary steps taken care of.

After these steps have been completed, your pool is covered, and remains this way for the entire season, meaning you won’t need to worry about cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and brushing your pool or maintenance until you’re ready to open your pool once again in the spring.

Why Choose The Pool Butler?

Beyond our professional assistance with pool winterization, The Pool Butler also offers a wide range of swimming pool and spa maintenance, cleaning, and repair services.

This includes all maintenance, cleaning, and repairs of your swimming pool itself and your pool equipment, such as your pumps and filters.

We know how complicated equipment can be to maintain and repair — not to mention, it’s extremely difficult to detect or predict equipment damage or malfunction if you’re not a swimming pool pro — which is why it’s so ideal to have our trained staff on your side to ensure your pool is always looking and functioning its very best.

What’s more? By hiring The Pool Butler, you’ll have one company you can count on to make immediate repairs to your swimming pool, which will prevent future damage that could be extremely costly. This gives you peace of mind as a pool owner and allows you to simply enjoy your pool with your family and friends while we handle the ins and outs of maintaining your pool.

What are you waiting for? Contact The Pool Butler today to learn more about any of our swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair services in the Metro Atlanta area, or click here to see what some of our past customers are saying about their experience with The Pool Butler!


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