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Don’t Get Soaked By Pool Repair Costs – Tips To Save Money on Your Pool

Once you build a pool in your home, prepare for what’s coming. That’s right! It doesn’t end with constructing and filling up the pool. A pool requires maintenance and repairs here and there.

While you can’t avoid paying repair costs, there are a few things you can do to minimize the bill.

With our years of expertise in the pool business, we’re here to be your “lifeguard” on ways to save money on your pool maintenance and ensure you don’t drown in debt.

Average Cost of Pool Repair

The average pool repair cost is determined heavily by the size of the pool and the specific issue that needs fixing. Repair costs can vary anywhere from $10 for a minor issue to over $20,000 for a significant problem. However, regular pool repair and maintenance lengthens a pool’s life.

The monthly national average for pool maintenance is around $180. Budget for some minor repairs or part replacements here and there, and you can keep more elaborate, expensive repairs at bay. 

Types of Pool Services and Their Cost

Pool Cleaning

On average, you should expect to spend about $2500 on your pool each year. That’s an average of regular cleaning done by a professional company, along with those minor repairs and replacements we mentioned earlier. Budget ahead, anticipating costs will be higher in the summer, when your pool gets more use and eats through chlorine more quickly.

Testing the Pool Water

Testing water pH levels is a negligible cost. While you could do it yourself, you won’t be saving much money if you’ve already hired a professional to handle the rest of the cleaning duties. 

Water Treatment

Water treatment involving an algaecide treatment on your water can cost about $20 to $50 weekly in the summer but much less in the winter. Many pool service companies roll this cost into their monthly fees if you sign up for regular service. 

Pool Inspection

Pool inspection costs vary. Depending on the pool’s width and depth, it typically ranges between $125 to $250. This would be if you need to call in a pro to look at a specific issue, such as drainage or a leak. 

Pool Repairs

Most repairs cost about $650 to $900 annually, including fixing leaks, replacing filters, replacing pump motors, or repairing the pool’s drain. 

Factors that Affect Swimming Pool Repair Costs

There are several factors affecting the final cost of your pool repair. These factors will determine how much you’ll pay to have your pool fixed. 

The Size of the Pool

As you might have guessed, the size of your pool, basically by depth, width, and length, can play a crucial role in determining the final cost of your pool repair. As the pool size increases, the costs shoot to the roof. Of course, a bigger pool means more work and time. 


How often you clean your pool will determine your overall costs. More frequent treatments mean you are paying more. If your pool is cleaned and treated less often, within the recommended times, you’ll spend less. 

  1. DIYing or Hiring a Professional

Cleaning and treating your swimming pool by yourself is inexpensive. However, a professional would do it better with the right tools and chemicals, but it would cost you more. Besides, the process is quite time-consuming if you do it alone. 

     2. Type of Pool

The type of pool has a lot to play in determining the cost of your pool repair. Your pool can be in-ground or above ground, and their costs range and differ. If you own a saltwater pool, it uses a chlorine generator that requires maintenance after a certain period. Natural pools are low-maintenance, surprisingly. Indoor pools are easier to maintain than outdoor pools. 

    3. The shape of Your Pool

The shape of your pool is another factor that impacts the cost of your pool’s maintenance. Rectangular-shaped pools are easy to clean. Circular above-ground pools too. Different shapes are harder to clean. 

How to Save Money on Pool Repair Services

You must be careful about how you spend money on your pool. Otherwise, it will become your money pit. A well-maintained pool doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how to save money on pool repair services.

Regular Maintenance

Skipping pool maintenance is not a way of saving money. It’s a way of making your pool so messed up that one day it will require expensive repairs. Investing in regular service of your pool saves you money in the long run.

Minimize Water Wastage

Reduce the amount of water used for your pool maintenance, not just for your wallet but also for the environment’s sake. To achieve this, repair leaks and avoid overfilling your pool. 

Don’t Over-Clean

Cleaning your pool regularly is critical, but don’t make it more frequent. Frequently is when you over-clean your pool. In the process, you end up cleaning your bank account as well!

A clean pool filter will save money on your pool repairs.

Clean Your Filter Regularly 

Most pool owners forget to clean their filters quite often. A clogged filter will not do a good job, and cleaning will be ineffective. You’ll end up replacing the pump sooner than you should have. 

FAQs – Pool Repair Cost

How much does it cost to repair cracks in the pool?

It costs about $75 per linear foot to repair small cracks. However, if neglected, this can lead to hollow spots that could cost ten times that amount for an average-sized pool. 

Does insurance cover a cracked pool?

Homeowners insurance may help repair or replace your pool, including the cracks. Check your plan or speak to your insurance broker for more guidance. 

How much does it cost to repair a pool pump?

Repairing a pool pump can cost between $50 and $200, depending on its problem. However, be aware that since the COVID-19 pandemic, repair materials and pool parts have gone up in price. If you need a part quickly, this can also cost you extra. 

Maintain Your Pool Regularly to Avoid Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance will save you from costly repairs. Besides, you can hire one of the most affordable, reliable pool experts in the country! The Pool Butler is Georgia-based to serve all your pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair need. We have the right expertise to help you maintain your pool affordably. Contact us today to get started!

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