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How to Find The Right Pool Cleaning Service in Atlanta

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance FAQ

Pool maintenance includes manually cleaning the pool (e.g., skimming, brushing, etc.), carefully testing and balancing chemicals in the pool water, and checking and maintaining exterior pool equipment (pumps, heaters, ladders, diving boards, etc.).

The precise cleaning schedule for your pool depends on many factors, such as how much you use the pool, where the pool is located, and even the weather. Typically, a pool needs to weekly service, but other factors could mean more regular maintenance is necessary.

There is a common misconception that salt water pools don’t use chlorine. In fact, a salt water pool uses chlorine to keep the water clean, but it produces the chlorine differently. A salt water pool still needs regular maintenance and balancing, as well as cleaning and maintaining the salt water chlorine generator.

The answer to this question isn’t simple. Your basic cleaning and maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. You will need to invest in the right chemicals and some good pool equipment, but after that there aren’t a lot of additional costs for the cleaning. However, complete maintenance is another story. The cost of maintaining and repairing pool equipment like pumps and heaters can add up, especially if they are not well maintained.

When comparing the cost of professional pool cleaning with the cost of doing it yourself, a  pool owner has to consider not just the upfront costs of DIY cleaning, but also the value of your time and effort. Also, one of the biggest hidden costs of DIY pool cleaning is the cost of making mistakes. Some pool maintenance tasks are hard to get right, and mistakes can lead to costly cleanup and repairs.

There are two huge benefits to hiring a pool cleaning service. First, it saves you the time, energy, and stress of doing it yourself. Second, and this is very important, it guarantees that it will be done right. Mistakes in pool cleaning and maintenance can lead to costly repairs. And if you get just a little lazy and miss a couple of cleanings, you could be looking at some severe damage and serious cleanup.

Shop around, but make sure you know what you are looking at. Not all pool cleaning companies are the same. We’ll outline our recommendations for finding the right pool cleaning service below.

Finding the right pool cleaning services in Atlanta can be somewhat of a chore.

Finding a reliable pool cleaning service can be tricky. There are hundreds of pool service companies out there claiming they can clean your pool, but only a handful really deliver. How do you choose between them?

Pool cleaning services are a great way to get rid of algae, dirt and debris from your pool. They also help prevent water damage and save energy. It’s not a service you want to go without. But the sheer volume of companies and variety of services can make you dizzy!

You should always hire a professional pool cleaner who has experience in your area. Look for a company that offers a free estimate and references. Ask for recommendations from friends or family members. And don't forget to ask for a written contract before hiring anyone.

The Pool Butler is a local company with a proven track record. With hundreds of customers throughout the Atlanta Metro Area, we have earned the trust of your friends and neighbors. To hear from real customers, check out our testimonials page.

Still not sure how to pick the right company? Here are some suggestions.

dependable pool cleaning service atlanta
pool cleaning service atlanta customer service


One way to know that you are working with the right pool cleaning service in Atlanta is to think about their customer service and dependability.

Pool companies should be licensed by the state, and insured. Companies should also provide customer satisfaction guarantees. They should offer prompt service and be available when needed. Customers should check online reviews before choosing a pool cleaning company. Companies should always return calls promptly. They should also make appointments with customers to show them around the pool.

Atlanta, GA has no specific license for pool cleaning services. But that doesn’t mean your pool cleaning service is off the hook. There are still business licenses that must be maintained. The Pool Butler is licensed and insured to do business in Atlanta, so if anything goes wrong, you know you’ll be taken care of.

Looking for a satisfaction guarantee? We’ve got that, too. And at The Pool Butler, we know that a pool cleaning service is only as good as the people you interact with. That’s why we prioritize excellent customer service both with our office staff and our pool cleaning technicians. You can learn more about our pool cleaning teams in Hiram and in Norcross here.

Before we begin your service, we visit your pool to learn about you and your needs. We’ll also point out some things you may not know about your pool and its equipment and cleaning needs. And we always provide a written estimate before we start any service.

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The Right Equipment

You might be surprised to learn that not all pool repair companies have the same equipment. At The Pool Butler, we arm our technicians with the best and latest technology to keep your pool sparkling clean. While pool cleaning is not necessarily a high-tech service, it is important to have the right tools to do the job.

While you may not be familiar with every tool in our toolbox, you can still use a pool cleaning service’s equipment as a guide to how much you can trust their service. One thing to look for is professionalism. Does your pool cleaner show up with a bunch of equipment tossed into the back of an old truck or van, or is there a clean, branded vehicle that appears well maintained, inside and out? Cleanliness may not be anything, but how a cleaning service maintains their equipment should give you some idea of how they will maintain your pool.

Pool Butler technicians drive clean, branded vehicles, so you know who is showing up at your home. Our technicians are professional with your pool and their own equipment. One aspect many homeowners don’t think about is cross-contamination with other pools. You don’t want dirty pool water from someone else’s pool mucking up your own pool. Cleanliness and the right equipment may not guarantee service, but they provide a window into the company you are choosing to take care of your home and your property.


One of the most challenging aspects of finding a pool cleaning company in Atlanta is that most companies offer a variety of cleaning and maintenance plans, so it can be hard to compare prices. At The Pool Butler, we start by learning about your unique pool service needs. Maybe you need a weekly or even bi-weekly cleaning. Or maybe you just need help opening or closing your pool. No matter what level of service you require, our team is ready to help. We’ll walk you through our plans to find the one that fits you best, and then we will offer you a quote so you know ahead of time exactly how much you will be spending.

One trap that many pool owners fall into is the low-ball pricing trap. They just pick the company with the lowest offer and assume they are getting a deal. But it’s not that simple. First of all, if a company is offering pool cleaning services at a deeply discounted price, you should ask yourself why that might be. Every pool cleaning company needs to make money, so if a company is offering you an unusually low price, they are almost certainly cutting corners elsewhere to pad their profit. You may also get a nasty surprise when a low-ball offer ends up costing you more than you expected with additional fees for chemicals, certain basic maintenance tasks, and other unnecessary charges. Some surprises are fun, but at The Pool Butler we don’t like surprises. The price we give you at the start is the price you’ll pay.

Hiring The Right Pool Services Company In Atlanta

For Atlanta residents, The Pool Butler is the go-to for all of your swimming pool needs. We’re a full-service pool maintenance and cleaning company who has been providing Metro Atlanta homeowners with exceptional swimming pool services.