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Should You Opt For A Swimming Pool Inspection?

While your swimming pool may (on the surface) look perfectly clean and clear, you never really know what problems could exist underneath the surface or behind your pool’s lining and walls. To catch problems you can’t see, we recommend a swimming pool inspection from a reputable pool service like The Pool Butler. Having your pool inspected by a professional is like going to the dentist. If you have owned your pool for ten years or more, even with regular cleaning and maintenance, it’s about time for an inspection. But if you’ve been skipping regular maintenance, you should probably get your pool checked out as soon as possible. Like neglecting tooth brushing, skipping annual pool maintenance is a recipe for pool problems.

What to Expect From a Swimming Pool Inspection?

During a professional swimming pool inspection, your pool technician will look for any signs of wear and tear or damage. It is always better to hire a professional than to do an inspection yourself. You may be able to spot a few signs of aging. But a swimming pool technician has the experience and expertise to know precisely what to inspect and what signs to look for.

What Will Be Inspected

During a swimming pool inspection, your technician will check several essential areas. To start, a technician takes into account the size and depth of your pool and the type of construction materials used during its installation. They can use that information to determine which areas may need extra attention.

Some of the standard features a pool inspection covers include: The manufacture and age of your pool's equipment The PSI rating for your swimming pool pump Pool accessories (including any diving boards or ladders) All plumbing (to check for damaged parts or leaks) Lighting fixtures Heaters (if applicable) Pool water In addition to these items, your pool professional should also test your swimming pool filter and pump. If your pool has any automated features, your inspector will check those to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

Once the inspection is complete, your technician should provide you with an itemized list. The list explains in detail what was tested and checked. This document should also let you know if the inspection turned up any damage and, if so, where it is.

What If Damage Is Found During Your Inspection?

If they uncover any damage during a swimming pool inspection, a reputable pool service professional will advise you on the needed repairs.

At The Pool Butler, we offer a full range of services for your pool, including repairs and inspections. So if one of our technicians happens to find damage to your pool, we can take care of it immediately with expert repairs.

Our professionals will provide you with an estimate for any necessary repairs to create a budget that works for you and your family. We can also develop a plan and a budget for upcoming maintenance.

With The Pool Butler on your side, your swimming pool will be the only place you and your family will want to be this summer. Contact us today to schedule a swimming pool inspection or learn more about our other swimming pool services.

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