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Summer Swimming Pool Plans

No Kidding! Now is The Time to Start Thinking About Your Summer Swimming Pool Plans

It’s November and we’re all still trying to get through the holidays. Yet now is exactly the time to start thinking about your summer swimming pool plans. You may think that it’s too early or you don’t know what you”ll need for a pool in spring.

Well, let me assure you that it is never too early and there are many things to consider before making those summer decisions. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about how best to get through winter and prepare your pool for next season!

How to care for your pool in the winter

Let’s start where we are: winter! To care for your pool through the cooler season, you have a couple of choices. Either you can fully winterize/close your pool, or you can continue with basic maintenance. Unless you live in an area prone to freezing, you likely didn’t winterize your pool.

Clean up debris

So if you haven’t drained or covered your pool, you’ll still have some pool chores to get you through winter. You’ll want to take some time now before summer arrives again to clean up leaves or other organic matter that may have accumulated over winter. You don’t want them decomposing in your pool! If your pool isn’t covered, be sure to check it every week or so and fish out any debris that’s fallen in.

Balance chemicals

While algae growth slows down in the winter, you’ll still want to keep your pool water balanced. Keep in mind that algae will start growing again once temps rise about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So be prepared to start checking your water chemical levels and adding algaecide if you need to. It doesn’t hurt to check your pool water once every few weeks in the winter, just to make sure everything is okay. If necessary, you can add chemicals to keep things balanced.

Check pumps and filters

The winter offseason is a great time to get your various pool parts in working order. This way your summer swimming pool plans won’t be derailed by a costly or time-intensive repair. If you have a pool vacuum, bring it to your local pool shop to have it inspected. If you have a regular pool service, you can ask them to give everything an extra once-over, as well.

Keep in mind that if something stops working during the summer months, you can wind up with a much bigger issue if it leads to your pool turning green! Invest the time and money now to make sure everything is in working order.

Seal cracks or leaks

If there are any cracks or gaps in the tile of your pool, now is the time to seal them. Leaks can be very difficult (and costly) if they’re not taken care of early on. Use only approved chemicals that will dry clear; don’t try to use silicone caulking materials as these may discolor over time and damage surrounding surface areas with their chemical residue.

Get ready to open your pool

Now that you’ve looked at how to care for your summer swimming pool plans during the colder months, it’s time to turn our attention back toward summer. Whether this is your first summer with a home pool or not, there are many considerations as we head into warmer weather and prime swim season.

Make sure you have the chemicals you need

If you aren’t using a pool service, you may want to start stocking up on pool chemicals. Along with many other supply chain issues and price hikes, 2020 and 2021 saw a sharp increase in chlorine costs.

Fill your pool

If you drained your pool completely or even took the water level down for winter, you will need to refill it. Keep in mind that most pools need to be drained and refilled with fresh water every 3-5 years, depending on how often it’s used in the summer. You should plan to “reopen” your pool once temperatures are consistently 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. So as you notice the temperatures rising, plan accordingly for refilling your pool or hiring a professional to drain and refill your pool if it’s time.

Clean and inspect your pool accessories

After winter, everything involved with your pool will need a good clean. You’ll want to run and clean your pool filter and pump, which you should have done before winterizing your pool or at least during the summer. Inspect the pump and skimmer basket, plugs, and connections. If there’s damage, you can either replace the item or try to mend it using waterproof products. You’ll also need to clean various pool accessories, such as your pool cover before you put it away, and any pool toys from the previous swim season.

Get your pool professionally cleaned

If you didn’t clean well before winter, part of your summer swimming pool plans should include a professional cleaning. Whether you opt for ongoing services to lighten your load all summer, we highly recommend a good clean to kick things off.

The Importance of Regular Care

The key to maintaining your pool is making sure to care for it regularly – whatever the season! If you maintain a routine of cleaning, testing and adjusting the water balance, and inspecting your pool, you can avoid some bigger problems.

Of course, this requires a significant amount of time and energy. If you want to enjoy your summer swimming pool plans but don’t have the time to focus on pool chores, you are in luck! The Pool Butler can provide the regular service your pool requires – all year long. We’ll maintain pH and chemical levels and clean the pool as necessary. Just contact us online to set up a consultation and we will find the level of care that is right for your pool and your budget.

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