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The Importance Of Keeping Pool Water Clean

Everybody into the pool! But wait! Is the water clean? Has anyone cleaned the skimmer basket? Does the pool need to be skimmed? The water tested? Never underestimate the importance of keeping pool water clean.

Owning a swimming pool is a joy and a responsibility. And it’s the responsibility of it that makes many pool owners opt to work with a swimming pool service professional.

If you want to clean the pool yourself, we can offer tips, and if you decide you just want to enjoy the pool and not put in all of the work, we can give you an estimate to take that task off your hands!

The Importance Of Keeping Pool Water Clean [infographic]

How to keep pool water clean

Keeping pool water clean is the most critical part of pool maintenance. It is important to maintain your pool accessories, such as the heater, filter, and pumps. Even the pool itself will need some upkeep. But maintaining clean water requires weekly, if not daily, attention. And if your pool water is dirty, none of the other upkeep matters. No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, no matter how well your other pool accessories are working.

Here are pool service tasks you can take on yourself, which will help your pool virtually care for itself between service visits.

Install An Automatic Cleaning System

An automatic cleaning system is a great way to minimize the effort of pool cleaning. The vacuum heads pop up and drive the dirt and debris toward the drain and out of the swimming pool. Ask us about robotic pool cleaning systems — these work much the same as the automatic vacuums you can buy for your home. You drop them in, turn them on, and they do the work.

Many of these systems are energy efficient, have built-in scrubbing brushes, and the ability to float so they can clean the surface. They also offer faster cleaning than traditional cleaning systems. And they don’t require you to be there to do the work.

Even though you use an automatic cleaning system, you will still need to do a more thorough cleaning of the pool at times to reach the areas the automated systems just can’t.

Use a Saltwater Chlorine Generator

With a saltwater chlorine generator, you don’t have to dump powdered chlorine into your swimming pool to keep the water clean. New technologies allow you to minimize the use of chlorine or even eliminate it by installing a saltwater chlorine generator.

High-Quality Swimming Pool Materials

Higher-quality pool construction materials mean that your swimming pool will last longer than it might have in the past. And it will need fewer chemicals to stay clean.

If you haven’t had your pool constructed yet, consider fiberglass. Fiberglass is a construction material that requires the fewest chemicals to keep clean and is also considered the easiest material to maintain.

Talk to us to get more tips and advice on how to keep the pool as close to “zero-maintenance” as possible. If you opt to leave pool upkeep to our pool professionals, you will be able to enjoy your pool and leave the maintenance to us!

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