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Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

How To Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

At The Pool Butler, we know summers can go by quick. All it takes is a glance at the calendar to see that September is quickly approaching. Want to find out how to extend your swimming pool season? Talk with the swimming pool service professionals from The Pool Butler in Atlanta, Georgia. They’ll help you uncover ways to make your swim season as long as it possibly can be. That means more relaxing dips in the pool, more friends, more parties, and higher returns on the time and money you invest in your pool.

Stretching the Swimming Pool Season

Atlanta swimming pool owners usually have a more extended swim season than most states — well, except maybe for Arizona! But it can get downright chilly in Atlanta in the winter. And as we approach the cold season, swimming becomes less and less pleasant.

Not be the bearers of bad news, but summer is already almost over. The unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, will be here in just a couple of weeks. But Ii you want to use your swimming pool longer this season and extend your swimming time long after the end of summer, you have some options.

How To Extend Your Swimming Pool Season [infographic]

Use A Solar Cover

All Atlanta pool owners should look into investing in a solar cover for their pools. Besides extending your swimming pool season, solar covers save energy. In fact, a solar cover is an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool water even (or especially) in the summer. A typical solar cover can raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 15 degrees. The cover works like a greenhouse, allowing solar heat to enter but not escape.

A solar cover can also reduce the heat-loss from already-heated water after the sun goes down. So if you are using another method to heat your water, you will use far less energy with a solar cover. As a bonus, a solar cover—just like with any cover—will ensure dirt and debris do not fall into your swimming pool.

Consider A Gas Or Electric Heater

In addition to a solar cover, pool owners should also consider a gas or electric heater. Alternatively, a heat pump can raise the water temperature with much less energy input.

A gas or electric water heater functions just like the water heater in your home. Cool water goes into the heater where electric coils or a gas-powered flame warm it. As the season gets colder, a gas or electric heater can start to use a lot of energy, but it is the most effective way to raise the temperature. A gas or electric heater works in any weather and could even extend your swimming pool season to year-round. Adding a solar cover will help keep energy costs down since the cover helps retain heat when the pool is not in use.

Energy-Efficient Ways to Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

A heat pump is much more energy-efficient than a gas or electric heater. But because it relies on the temperature of the ambient air, once it gets too chilly, you won’t see much of a difference in the water temperature.

One system that costs very little to run is a solar heater, though it takes up more space than any other method. In a solar heater, power from your pool’s existing pump sends the pool water through a series of tubes where it is heated by the sun. With the right placement, a solar heater can be surprisingly effective, even when the weather turns cool. But to get the full effect, you will need to find a space with plenty of sun that can accommodate a relatively large solar array.

Combined with a solar cover, a solar heater can extend your swimming pool season well into the late fall. Of course, a solar heater only works when the sun is shining, so if you have several consecutive cloudy or rainy days, your water temperature can drop. The solar cover retains some heat, but it may take a few days of sun to get back to your desired temperature. 

Contact The Atlanta Swimming Pool Experts At The Pool Butler

Don’t wait until the summer has passed and winter is moving in. Talk with the local Atlanta swimming pool professionals at The Pool Butler now about ways to extend your family’s swim season past the summer.

Contact us online or give us a call at 770-439-2644. One of our experts will be happy to discuss the steps you can take to extend the swimming pool season this year. We can also provide information on all of our swimming pool services, which include pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

At The Pool Butler, we’ve been serving Atlanta and the surrounding communities for many years. We take pride in offering the best in swimming pool services in the area. Don’t take our word for it, though. Feel free to check out what some of our customers are saying about their experience with The Pool Butler by visiting our testimonials page.

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