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swimming pool issues

The Most Common Swimming Pool Issues We Encounter

As the swimming pool experts in Atlanta, we here at The Pool Butler have run into quite a few swimming pool issues over the years. From small to large homes across metro Atlanta, we’ve seen it all in terms of pool problems. As a result, our technicians are always prepared for the unexpected, no matter how minor a pool repair may seem. Here are just some of the most common swimming pool issues The Pool Butler team has dealt with in the past.

The Most Common Swimming Pool Issues We Encounter [infographic]

Swimming Pool Debris

With the crazy weather that can sometimes affect the Southeast (especially in the summer months), unfortunately, pool owners are bound to run into issues. Storms, high winds, and rain are all the perfect catalyst for damage to your pool. The most common damage to pools in Atlanta is caused by debris that gets into pools after strong winds or storms.

Everything from leaves, insects, patio furniture, and even critters can get clogged in your drain. We’ve seen all sorts of unusual debris create problems with pool pumps and filters. The Pool Butler is always equipped to solve your debris-related woes. With the latest technology and skilled technicians, we can spot a clog and clear it in no time and with minimal mess.

Beyond clogs to your filter and swimming pool pump, debris can also contaminate your water. A weather event or even just the annual deluge of leaves in autumn can leave your pool inundated. You may find that you are no match for the level of debris in your pool. But letting the debris linger can be dangerous for your pool and your swimmers. Debris can get stuck in your pool’s equipment. It can also begin to rot or decay and cause illnesses for swimmers. That’s why it is why it’s always smart to have your water regularly tested by one of our professionals. Professional cleaning and testing is the most reliable way to ensure a safe swim for you and your family.

Mistakes With Pool Settings

Not everyone is a pool expert, but that doesn’t stop some people. We run into pool owners who took matters into their own hands and tried to tinker with their pool’s pump and filter. Some basic filter cleaning and replacement are not outside the purview of the average pool owner. But some folks try to fix pump issues themselves or find ways to make the pool more comfortable. While the effort is commendable, DIY mistakes can lead to significant problems. Undoing DIY damage is one of the most common types of repair that The Pool Butler performs.

Instead of trying to adjust those valves and switches, leave it to the professionals. After all, swimming pool leaks can often occur when a do-it-yourselfer makes a mistake with their pool settings.

DIY Disasters

As mentioned in the previous section, some pool owners will find themselves inclined to fix their pool’s issues themselves. But without having the proper training or expertise to do so, it’s easy to make matters worse, not better.

When this happens, we’re often called in to fix the issues that result from overambitious pool projects. In the past, we have seen everything from improper pool cleaning to faulty wiring and pump connections. When it comes to technical work or anything involving electricity, leave it to the pros.

All of these issues can be prevented by making the smart choice and hiring The Pool Butler for all of your swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair needs. We’ve been serving Atlanta for years, and our team of expert technicians is happy to assist you in making your pool look and function its absolute best.

Contact us today or give us a call at 770-439-2644 to get your free quote for all of the swimming pool services we offer.

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